5 dinosaur eggs have been simply found at a development website in China

 Pictures: Fossilized dinosaur eggs present in China

The spherical formed eggs that belonged to plant-consuming dinosaurs from the Cretaceous interval are being studied by scientists.

Fossilised dinosaur eggs from 70 million years in the past have been unearthed on a constructing website in China.

The shells, found close to Foshan within the southeast of the nation, have been discovered at a depth of about 26ft (8m), preserved in pink sandstone.

The spherical-formed eggs belonged to plant-consuming phytophagous dinosaurs within the late Cretaceous interval.

Qiu Licheng, from Guangdong’s Archaeological Institute, stated: “We discovered 5 eggs: three have been destroyed, however they’re nonetheless seen.

“The opposite two have their imprints on the stone. The eggs have been spherical in form, belonging to phytophagous dinosaurs,”

There have been comparable finds within the Foshan area, which has gained a status within the scientific group for revealing useful info from the Cretaceous interval.

Liu Jianxiong, Foshan’s chief geologist, stated: “There are two issues particular concerning the Sanshui Basin: one, it is wealthy in minerals, two is that it is wealthy in fossils, like dinosaur eggs.

“This discovery is essential to our analysis on paleoclimate and sedimentary surroundings.”

The fossils at the moment are being studied at an area museum.

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